It is becoming popular to locate LCD TV s in all possible places including bathrooms. Unfortunately, like most electrical appliances, TV s are not designed to work in high humidity environment. Placing them in bathroom might posted a fire hazard due to short circuiting. It is dangerous especially when located near bathtubs where splash is likely. Professional designers are aware of this problem and concealed TV s in bathroom walls behind glass view window. However, the windows always get fogged-up. Some people attempted to overcome the fogging problem by using special treated plastic window or by locating exhaust fans right above the bathtubs but with not much success.
FOG-FREE TV SCREEN  is specially developed  to encounter this problem by warming the covering glass electrically. The principle is similar to mirror heaters in combating condensation of moisture in the ambient air. FOG-FREE TV SCREEN, in appearance, is a rectangular piece of tempered glass with a printed black frame and a center view window for TV. The TV set can be located near to SCREEN to provide a wide view angle.
FOG-FREE TV SCREEN is operated at low Voltage, making it safe for use in bathrooms.
FOG-FREE TV SCREEN has thickness of 10mm. Sizes can be specially made to suit designers' requirements. It is recommended to make the screen larger than the TV sets so that the set can be accessible for maintenance.
Power can be connected parallel to the bathroom light switch, so the SCREEN is activated when the light is on. Below are some installation illustrations.
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