It is a membrane heater with maximum conductive surface area. Such design enables Defogster to raise mirror temperature speedily and evenly. Mirror will never steams up in the heated area. The heater is doubly laminated between high melting point polyster films. It is insulated according to the requirement of International Safety Standard for connection to city Voltage without the need for a step down transformer.
It is fully complies with International Safety Standard IEC335-1 and British Standard BS3456 part 201:1990 including amend. 1-8
Installation for mirror defogster
 Model BS001 BS002
 Size 305 x 470mm 610 x 470mm
 Standard Cable Length 1 meter 2 meter
 Rating Fixed mirror 28 watts 55 watts
Mirror box 24 watts 48 watts
 Thickness Pad 0.9mm 0.9mm
Cable outlet 6mm 6mm
 Power input           A/C 220 Volts 220 Volts
**For Larger defogging area, simple apply the units side by side

Defogster is designed to be maintenance free. Heating elements are electrically parallel for extra long life of 7 years.

Defogster should be connected in parallel to the bathroom lighting. The built-in power cable is normally long enough for power connection located outside the mirror area to ensure the connector is accessible.

Mirror should be max. 6mm thick. Clean and grease free. Remove the white protective paper on and paste it to the mirror black. Start by pasting one edge while bending it to avoid bubble trapping. Then, press it firmly.

-- Defogster can not be cut or folded or used in wet location.
-- Do not apply too much tension on Defogster' s cable.
-- Do not re-stick Defogster.
-- There should be a distance of minimum 150mm between the mirror edge and Defogster.
-- Best installed Defogster upright to serve different heights of users.
-- For your own safety, electrical installation should always and only be carried out by qualified electrician.
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